In 1996 it was early days of the internet
however some ministers and ministries were starting to use the internet to communicate to the world.

Examples are   Real Gold   from recollection the International Sports Coalition had sites

Whilst some pages were posted onto
remain  it has links to then free sites whoes host discontinued the service
and so I can't link it without compromising this site
however you can copy and past into your browser to view what is still available
until i re- write it and remove the dead links.

I obtained permission to use More Than Gold  here 
and ran two More Than Gold Luncheons at St Andrew's Auburn

and Peachtree Presbyterian Church was kind enough to post their Orders of service
so I used their Bible Readings in More Than Gold Sunday Services

however I was not on the internet

so I used intrnational phone calls, sent and received international faxes
and some Ministries posted their printed materials to me.

I friend did receive material from me which he uploaded to his real gold site
which I later posted on  my   site

this was the beginning of ministry multiplication and international ministry links.